What’s Up

What’s Up

Howdy everyone. Yes, we are making a second attempt at our website and blog. Michelle, I and the family are doing well since anyone who may have followed us in the past last heard from us. I know we sort of disappeared off the radar. Many people rely on Facebook to stay up to date on people. When Facebook decided to do a site-wide ban on hundreds of thousands of their users out of the blue based on politics a couple years back, many of our followers and friends loss touch with us. We have still been here, just on other alternative platforms and doing several other projects besides the LifeinMI website.

Kids watching dad’s return to tournament paintball, 2021

Recently I decided that since we still owned this domain space, we might as well put it back to use. Michelle will hopefully have more time now that the kids are getting older, to share more experiences on our blog. I have plenty of other projects going to that I will share tidbits as well. We might have our oldest also share some of his short stories eventually as well.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and feel free to check out some of our other projects.

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